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youtube-photoAfter 25 years of teaching and learning, the Academy of Martial Arts offers the highest quality of self-defense training, tailoring the martial arts to each student’s personal goals, in and out of the classroom. The Academy of Martial Arts promotes positive change, both external and internal. Students learn focus, managing and accomplishing goals, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, and push themselves to be better. They become part of a community of friends and family melded by their want for self improvement. The Academy of Martial Arts is a family, come be a member!


Want to learn more about self-defense or how you can get fit, become better at school, or gain confidence at work? Download your copy of one of our free eBooks and see how karate makes everything better.

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How to Cut Back on Screen Time

how to cut back on staring at screens

Whether it’s you or your kids, there’s no denying how increased screen time is turning us all into tech zombies as we gaze at our smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, televisions, video games, and smart gadgets from daybreak to bedtime. It’s important to take back our time and engage more in our everyday lives rather than

Clean Eating & You

clean eating tips

Switching to healthy eating habits is often a struggle, especially at first. For those who are ready to make a drastic change, it’s an even tougher battle, especially with temptation all around us at school or work. The key to clean eating is to gradually cut certain foods out while introducing healthly alternatives. You also

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