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youtube-photoAfter 25 years of teaching and learning, the Academy of Martial Arts offers the highest quality of self-defense training, tailoring the martial arts to each student’s personal goals, in and out of the classroom. The Academy of Martial Arts promotes positive change, both external and internal. Students learn focus, managing and accomplishing goals, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, and push themselves to be better. They become part of a community of friends and family melded by their want for self improvement. The Academy of Martial Arts is a family, come be a member!


Want to learn more about self-defense or how you can get fit, become better at school, or gain confidence at work? Download your copy of one of our free eBooks and see how karate makes everything better.


Karate Chop Job Stress


Are you feeling stressed out from your job? There’s no doubt that life can get hectic and take a toll on both your physical and emotional well-being. When stress becomes persistent, it can throw your body into a cascade of negative effects that can do significant damage to your health if left unmanaged. That’s why

Conquering Fear with Martial Arts

martial arts brampton

Fear has the ability and power to control and hinder our actions like nothing else. The word fear has a variety of different definitions for each individual, and often we may not even be aware of its presence idling in the background of our mind. Fear paralyzes and holds us back from tackling those hurdles

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