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_DSC5659_bleachWithin all of us there is a battle between two dragons.  One thrives on negativity, while the other fights back with positivity.  The victor will ultimately be the one that is fed the most.  Our attitudes and the people we surround ourselves with become that which feed the dragons.  At the Academy of Martial Arts, we believe foremost in the importance of community and the improvement of self.  Our goal is to create the perfect place for our members to spark a positive change within themselves and begin enjoying a more enriched way of life.

We are a united community of five individual locations that focus on both the physical and mental aspects of Martial Arts.  Our teachings promote positive change in one’s way of life by tying our philosophy of Martial Arts to the development of the overall wellness of body and mind.  For two decades, our community has grown to include over 20,000 individuals who have learned to overcome their most difficult opponent: themselves.

Our teachings are provided through a number of disciplines, including Karate, Kobudo, Ju Jutsu, Tai Chi, Japanese Sword, and Pilates.  We also offer special programs, such as our Executive Martial Arts program – structured to meet the specific needs of a mature student, and B.R.A.V.E. (Bully Resistance Anti-Violence Education), a program geared to providing young students with the necessary skills to help avoid situations before they escalate to a physical confrontation.

Our Schedules
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Our Schedules

Find a class right for you. All AMAs are full time schools with classes to accommodate any schedule.
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Our Programs

GoJu Karate

Karate is a self-defense discipline that develops mental focus and physical proficiency.


Kobudo is an ancient Martial Art that studies the traditional weapons of Japan.

Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi program focuses more on the internal arts to help balance and center yourself.

Ju Jutsu

Ju Jutsu will teach you how to defend and to escape from a variety of ground situations.

Black Belt Club

Our Black Belt Club prepares our youths with the strengths and skill sets to succeed both inside and outside the dojo

Rep Team

Our Rep Program represents our schools and for students with the desire and attitude to: train, compete, and represent Martial Arts, at an accelerated level.

AMA in the Community

AMA in the CommunityDid you know that the AMA has raised over $250,000 for various charities?

More Interesting Facts

The Academy of Martial Arts was founded in 1988 in a small training area. Now, over 25 years later, we have expanded to several locations in Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville and even into the United States.

All AMAs are full time schools run by professionals with a minimum of 10 years training experience.

In addition to workshops and seminars, the AMAs hold two training weekend camps in both Summer and Winter. These camps immerse the students into a Martial Arts World where their training and information goes to another level.

The Johnstons
As a close knit family we love doing things together. The AMA has given us another way of spending time together and getting physically active. Our sons tried a free Karate class and loved it! As their membership came up for renewal, we learned of the family membership. We signed up the whole family! Bob takes Karate and helps in Sam and Greg’s classes. This gives and opportunity to practice and learn together. Jackie takes the Tai Chi classes and they have helped to give her an insight into the Martial Arts. We all enjoy sharing what we’ve learned at the Academy of Martial Arts. As a Family, we enjoy celebrating all of our success – gradings, new belts, etc. The AMA has enriched our family life and kept us physically active year-round!
Peter Dronyk
The Academy of Martial Arts has taught me a lot about fitness. I’m 68 years of age and I don’t feel my age at all. This has taught me a level of fitness that I never thought I could achieve at my age. I am not as tired as I use to be at work, I am able to relax, sleep better, cope and handle stressful situations. This has been a wonderful stress and tension reliever. I am more active then I use to be, my endurance and stamina have greatly improved. Overall, my health has improved dramatically.

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